Nothing to See Here

Joshua Band, Enter House Left. Photo by Janice Suhji.

Tom DeCaigny, Director of Cultural Affairs at the City and County of San Francisco says he knows this place. He and I are standing in front of a life size mural photograph on canvas depicting a forested and theatrically lit night scene. In the image, a small sign stands at the base of a dirt path that leads into a dense and naturalistic planting of camellia and pines. > Read More


Contributor Profile: Amy Ress


Amy Ress is a designer and writer in the fields of public interest design and the arts. > Read More


Urban Prototyping Festival Rethinks SoMa’s Streets


For the past few decades, Market Street has been an illogical disconnect in San Francisco, where the confluence of its not-quite-intersecting streets and abrupt diagonal grid shifts have evolved radically different but adjacent streetscapes. > Read More

On Making Documentaries

Woodward’s Gardens, photo from California State Library.


I like projects that teach me things I never expected to learn.


When the economy melted in 2008, I realized that I could take a rest from my practice’s residential focus. The downturn called for something different. I had time to look at what was happening around me. I had done movie projects before, so I found myself with an impulse to make documentaries on architectural subjects. > Read More


Contributor Profile: Glenn Lym


Glenn Lym grew up in the Berkeley flatlands next to the house his grandfather built in the 1910’s. > Read More



House 1 in 1961.

As an architect, it is impossible to predict what the future holds for one’s projects and sometimes it is better not to try. > Read More


Manifest Destiny!

Photo by Cesar Rubio Photography.


The view walking along Bush Street towards downtown San Francisco recalls the exaggerated perspective of a Wayne Thiebaud painting. The sharp crest of the hill forces the gaze forward and down, revealing the urban fabric below where Manifest Destiny! — a19th-century, smaller than life-size cabin—adheres like a barnacle to the blank façade of 453 Bush Street, three and one half stories up. > Read More


Contributor Profile: Donna Schumacher


Donna Schumacher is the founder and creative director of Donna Schumacher Architecture, which specializes in creative commercial and residential spaces in San Francisco.   > Read More


Under her Watchful Gaze: Installing the Cindy Sherman Mural at SFMOMA

Cindy Sherman mural, SFMOMA 4th floor. Photo by Sabrina Brennan.


I recently had an opportunity to install a mural for the Cindy Sherman exhibition at SFMOMA, currently on view through October 8, 2012. > Read More


Contributor Profile: Sabrina Brennan



Sabrina Brennan was born in New Orleans and grew up on the Gulf Coast. In 1993 she relocated to Northern California after receiving a BFA in Photography from the Atlanta College of Art. Since then, she has developed a strong affinity for the San Mateo County coast, where she lives in Moss Beach with her wife, Aimee Luthringer, to whom she was married in June 2007. > Read More


24 Hours with Iwan Baan

Mill Valley House by Koji Tsutsui with the author, Paul Jamtgaard, and Laura-Katharina Gross Serman in the foreground. Photo by Iwan Baan.

My introduction to Iwan Baan came from a friend, the architect Koji Tsutsui. Based in San Francisco, he’s not yet on the A-list of Pritzker Prize winners and other luminaries with which Baan is usually associated. So sought after that he turns down 90 percent of the inquiries he receives, Baan tracked Tsutsui down after seeing a competition-winning AIDS health clinic he designed in Africa, one of several he’d photographed. What else have you got, he asked? > Read More


Contributor Profile: Paul Jamtgaard


Paul Jamtgaard is a registered architect and urban designer with over 18 years of varied experience creating award winning projects in the US and abroad.  He works extensively on projects in the public interest including libraries, community & recreation centers and public spaces. > Read More


Help Wanted (But Maybe Not Here)

Patents per capita, by metropolitan area. Map by Mike Webster, courtesy Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


Enrico Moretti’s new book about where knowledge industries cluster has implications for the economic future of all cities, and the future of their built environments. > Read More


Global Design through Local Hacking

120+ attendees met at Intersection for the Arts on 8/14/2012 to brainstorm ideas for prototype interventions on 5th Street between Howard and Market.

Andrew Faulkner reports on a recent brainstorming session that anticipates the upcoming Urban Protoyping: San Francisco festival. > Read More


Contributor Profile: Andrew Faulkner


Andrew Faulkner is an urban and architectural designer with a focus on sustainable urbanism and infrastructure. > Read More


Mapping a Trace


This work of fiction was written for TraceSF by the artist Kari Marboe. The piece focuses on a couple at the beginning of their relationship and follows them through their process of adding to San Francisco’s archaeological memory. > Read More


Contributor Profile: Kari Marboe


Kari Marboe is a text-based visual artist who received her Master of Fine Arts from UC Berkeley in 2012 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in 2008. > Read More


International Orange

Interior of Fort Point during International Orange. Artist Cornelia Parker’s “Reveille” can be seen at the end of the corridor. Photo by John Cary.

On May 27, the tranquil beauty of the Bay and the grace of the Golden Gate Bridge were rocked by a spectacle of pyrotechnics and light to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the bridge. > Read More


Contributor Profile: John Cary


John Cary is a connector, curator, writer, and speaker. Among other roles, he is the co-lead of The City 2.0, the 2012 TED Prize. He divides his time between San Francisco and New York.


Flection : A Phenomenology of Folds

Sara VanDerBeek. Western Costume, Black Satin (Day), 2011, detail. Courtesy of the artist and Altman Siegal Gallery.

Flection, a group exhibit at Hedge Gallery through September 1st, explores the fold in abstract art. > Read More